My name is Ashley Köstepen (and no, you're probably not pronouncing it right, but it's cool, it took me about a year to get it myself) I'm married to an awesome man named Ali, with an even awesomer beard. We have a 5 year old wild man named Andrew, and an 18 month old trouble maker, Owen.

I started photography at the Art Institute waaaaaay back in 2003...in the days of film!  I know, I know, the dark ages.  I loved it, i felt at home there, developing and printing your own work...I mean, whaaat?! It was great, but I decided to leave and search for a more stable dependable job.  Well, that never happened, and over the past few years I felt myself being pulled back into photography.  I really enjoy meeting and working with families, and getting to see and show the crazy, messy, beautiful, chaotic uniqueness of each family.

Photo Credit: Emily Burns Photography