Day In The Life with the Broadwater Family March 19th 2017

I was lucky enough to photograph a family I have know and loved for a loooong time, the Broadwaters.  Darnell has been close friends with my sister as long as I can remember and so we all spend our teens and 20's getting into trouble together.  And now, she is a loving and awesome Mom to two smart and beautiful little divas (just like their momma) Samara and Cambrie, and an artistic and caring husband Tom...who even cooks!  

They started their Sunday off with chef Tom's famous Minnie Mouse pancakes, and they were no joke.  As they got ready for church, Samara and Cambrie did what all 5 and 8 year old girls do...make up and jewlery.

"You can never have too much jewlery!"     -Samara Broadwater 2017

You haven't lived until you've seen a five year old pucker up her lips in mirror to check her lipstick.

The rest of the day was a blast going to church with them and to the soccer field for Samara's team photos.